A beautiful day on Fowey Picnic Boat on the River Fowey
Enjoying a picnic on the Fowey Picnic Boat
Brian your skipper on Fowey Picnic Boat

The River Fowey is beautiful and what better thing to do than meander around on board the Fowey Picnic Boat:
a 1930's wooden motor launch called

You may want to explore as much of the River Fowey as possible or you may just want to drift quietly up one of the many lovely creeks whilst having a picnic and sipping a glass of champagne

Your skipper on Fowey Picnic Boat will help and advise on your trip but ultimately you decide where to go and how long to take

One of the places we visit on Fowey Picnic Boat
Cruising along on the Fowey Picnic Boat

You may prefer to hear amazing stories of Fowey or just sit quietly listening to the fish plopping in the water whilst enjoying an afternoon tea

We can moor up near the bank and hope to see kingfishers flitting or head for the mouth of the river where we may possibly see a dolphin

the choice is yours

Fowey Picnic Boat Visitor
Picnic on Fowey Picnic Boat

The Fowey Picnic Boat can carry 5 adult passengers but is also perfect for a romantic trip for 2

There is an optional canopy for shade (or, heaven forbid, rain) and just in case it gets cool there are rugs on board

We recommend at least 2 hours to enable you to take time with your picnic and to fully appreciate what the River Fowey has to offer. However shorter or longer cruises can be arranged

Fowey Picnic Boat on Pont Pill
Fowey Picnic Boat on Pont Pill 2
Fowey Picnic Boat with Fowey in the background